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To provide quality service to our patients, We Care Rx accepts electronic prescription or E-Prescribing services. We are equipped with Electronic Prescribing Software in order to safely and efficiently manage your medications.

What is E-Prescribing?
E-Prescribing or e-Rx is a computer-based electronic system used for generation, transmission and filling of a medical transcription. This software has an ability to electronically send an accurate and error free prescription directly to a pharmacy. Compared to the traditional paper and faxed prescriptions, e-prescribing is more accurate and efficient for medication management.

Who is the E-Prescriber?
Generally, the prescriber is a physician or a health care staff. They simply search the patient’s record through the database of the system. Once they access the correct patient information, they upload or update new prescription information to the medical file.

Benefits of E-Prescribing:

  • Minimizes time spent in faxing prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Automated process of renewal request and authorization
  • More accurate and error-free prescription
  • Offers greater convenience to patient and health care staffs

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