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Drug Allergies or Side effects: Knowing the difference

According to Georgetown University, 66% of all adults in the United States use prescription drugs. If we add that Statistareported 36.5 billion dollars (about $110 per person in the US) made by over-the-counter (OTC) drug retail sales in 2020 for the US, the possibilities of drug allergies or side effects can be more common than we realized.

People who take medications often confuse the signs between a drug's side effects or allergy to some medication or its components. One thing to keep in mind is that commonly the side effects tend to develop during the period of medication intake but tend to settle with time. The medication side effects are far more common than allergies, but being aware and keeping track of them can help you navigate your treatment successfully.

However, allergic reactions are not as common, but they are just as serious as the side effect of medications. If a person is allergic to medication or some of its components, they should stop the medication intake and consult their doctor for a revised treatment plan. People need to be aware of current allergies and discuss them with their health provider when starting a new medication, prescribed or OTC.

We created this infographic as a quick guide to help you spot the signs of drugs side effects or drug allergies.

Have questions regarding medications' side effects or drug allergies? Our pharmacists are here to assist you. Call us or ask our pharmacists online.

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sam corner
sam corner
Jun 16, 2022

Thank you for sharing this Information.

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