Intelligent, Determined, and Caring: Meet Dr. Brandy Williams

Learn more about the woman behind We Care Rx Pharmacy.

“One day you’re going to be a great scientist,” Mrs. McWashington predicted to a young Doctor Brandy Williams.

That small encouragement intensified Dr. Williams's love for science. “Of course, I got an A and I’m forever grateful to her at the end of it.” The push and support from her schoolteachers, not only Mrs. McWashington, were a major influence on her interest in math and science.

Growing up in Houston, Williams explored a variety of career options. While her talent in debate interested her in a law career, it was numbers and problem-solving that truly enamored her. “I love math,” she mentioned several times throughout our interview. Williams found her way to pharmacy through a suggestion from her eleventh-grade guidance counselor.

However, Williams’ first inspiration was her mother. “She encouraged perseverance, dedication, determination, and hard work; I'm thankful for my mom. She knew I could do it and she wanted me to always reach for more and never settle,” said Williams when talking about Ms. Margaret, her mom.

With her goals set high, Williams enrolled at Texas Southern University, where she was captivated by her research. “I’ve actually been published. We researched the effects of moxifloxacin on simulated weightlessness on Earth vs. in space for NASA,” said a proud Williams.

When discussing her years at a major retail pharmacy, Williams said, “I loved it, but they didn’t provide support for their employees.” The noticeable loss of communication with patients was a factor in Dr. Williams’ decision to take a life-changing risk and open her own pharmacy.

We Care Rx Pharmacy opened in 2017 when Williams chose faith over fear. “I didn't want anything to limit how far I could grow.” For now, the best advice Dr. Williams has is to not give up. “If they close the door, you just knock it down.”

To learn more about We Care Rx Pharmacy, visit our about us.

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