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Staying In? Don’t Mind If We Do!

With the new Delta variant rearing its ugly head and the Covid numbers rising, the still-fresh memories of social distancing and quarantine come rushing back. For many, the idea of going back inside and staying in is troublesome, but being prepared may ease some of those worries. Whether you live alone, with friends, or with family, finding new and interesting pastimes can be a bit of a challenge. Traditional activities like reading, writing, and board games can get repetitive and even boring. So, I’ve curated a list of some fun things to do, whether solo or in a group, or even with a pet.

Group activities are almost always more fun than doing things alone. We can all agree that Patty Cake-Patty Cake is just better with someone than by yourself. The more, the merrier, right? Here are a few suggestions that you and your loved ones can enjoy:

DIY Pizza Night – Who doesn’t like pizza? The better question is, who’s made their own? Cooking can be a sticky subject, especially amongst those with little to no sautéing experience. But luckily for most (aka me), making pizza in the comfort of your own kitchen is a lot less terrifying than it sounds. Grab a readymade pizza crust and check out this fun and fast recipe below:

Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Remaining active indoors can be challenging with the constant accompaniment of the latest in technology. Turning the tv off, closing your laptop, or even going to the extreme of shutting off your phone can seem like a drastic dismissal of what’s currently happening in the world. But at times, a hard reset is necessary, and going back to the basics just seems fitting. Click the link below for a Scavenger Hunt checklist and go back to just being a kid for a while. As a bonus, the winner picks dessert.

Movie Night – Break out the popcorn bowls and the pickles. Grab the best seat in the house and kick back in the exclusive plush luxury of your favorite couch. You can even spruce things up by making an impromptu concession stand for drinks and candy for a true cinematic experience. Check out this list for the Top 50 Films to Watch as A Family.

If you live alone, finding things to do can even be a bigger challenge. Patty Cake is for sure out the window. But all hope is not lost. In addition to the Pizza Night and Movie Night from above (which can also be done as a party of 1), give one of the following options a try.

Meditation – Living alone comes in handy with this activity as peace and quiet is optimal for the best results. Stress affects our bodies both physically and mentally. Meditation promotes calmness and relaxation, allowing the body and mind to wind down for a few minutes. Headspace offers hundreds of meditations on a variety of topics. Explore their many options and select what best suits you.

Unleash Your Inner Artist – Painting or coloring can be quite peaceful and calming. And if you’re nervous, you’re more of a Picasso than a Van Gogh, there are tons of adult coloring books and painting kits that can help your creativity flow from the comfort of your own home. Turn on some tunes and let the music be your muse. Check out the website below to purchase a painting of your choice if coloring books aren’t your thing.

Attn: Proud Paw-rents – Our furry friends are family too. Check this out-of-the-box (yet inside of a bag) idea that is sure to make you want to display your pet’s artwork on the fridge.

Have any tips or ideas on at-home activities you’d like to share? Connect with us on social media and let us know!

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1 commentaire

19 août 2021

Erica, thank you for sharing some fresh ideas as many of us are heading back in after a few months of what almost felt “normal”. Loved this !

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